What is New Formation?
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New Formation
All-Russian Public Organization for Small and Medium Business
What is New Formation?
New Formation is a unique organization of its kind for contemporary Russia. Originating at the regional level, initiated by professionals — people of action, today New Formation is one of the largest all-Russian entrepreneurial organizations in the country.
Today it includes more than 59 regional branches and 26 representative offices outside the Russian Federation.
Making the country’s economy stronger together
Core of useful field specific information
We develop a generation of responsible young businessmen
The necessary tools,
useful cooperation
We share invaluable experience during regular events
We are involved in the process of dealing with important social issues
Yuri Airapetyan, President of LLC SME "New Formation"
Small and medium businesses as a basis for the formation and development of the middle class in multinational Russian community!
Our goal is to make small and medium businesses a trigger in the middle class development in Russia.
The status of an all-Russian organization means the responsibility that we assume for the future of the entrepreneurial community of the Russian Federation. And the future of small and medium businesses is inextricably intertwined with the future of the entire Russian people.
Today we, representatives of the New Formation, are on the threshold of fundamental transformations related to a change in our status.
We can only develop harmoniously together with the whole community. While the community development is directly related to the strengthening, development and expansion of its middle class.
the implementation of which will create favorable conditions for the development of the community as a whole and the business community, in particular:
And to do so, we offer 7 programs,
The program is aimed at creating a web portal of the best management practices. Expert support of the portal users representing government agencies and business community.
The program is aimed at identifying and implementing promising results of applied research into Russian economy.
The program is aimed at supporting and implementing social projects in the field of medicine, sports, ecology and at preventing destructive ideas from spreading among youth.
The program is aimed at developing teenagers’ interest in entrepreneurial activity and identifying their interest towards a certain area of ​​business. It will provide for creating a mentorship institute.
Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation, national projects, federal (regional) programs.
The program is aimed at shaping a positive public image of an entrepreneur through educational activities and at revealing the importance of small and medium businesses for the development of Russia.
The program is aimed at developing and implementing internship programs for students of higher and secondary educational institutions on the basis of the New Formation member enterprises. This will provide students with a chance to develop practical skills required for subsequent employment.
Promotion and implementation of the world's best management practices.
Implementation of the R&D results of Russian scientists.
Healthy nation.
Early career guidance for teenagers in business areas.
Projects aimed at implementing.
Shaping a positive public image of an entrepreneur.
The goal of the organization is to bring people together based on their common interests to satisfy spiritual and non-material interests aimed at the development of small and medium businesses,
Promoting the development of favorable political, economic, legal and other conditions for the development of business activities in the Russian Federation;
Promoting constructive interaction between small and medium businesses with government authorities of the Russian Federation;
Promoting cooperation between business organizations around the world;
Promoting the development of a positive public attitude towards entrepreneurship as a type of human activity, representatives of small and medium businesses as economic activity and a social group subjects;
Promoting the innovative development of the Russian economy.
Promoting the rights and legitimate interests of small and medium businesses;
as well as the protection of common interests, including:
NF Values:
All the Team members use methods consistent with universal human values ​​and effective legislation of the Russian Federation. NF strives to resolve all possible disputes between members of the Organization, within the Organization, or with third parties through negotiations.
NF representatives always keep their promises, both while dealing with each other and with third parties. When difficulties arise, we always strive to find a solution that suits both parties.
Organization members act based on the answer to the question, "Who am I in the organization?" Awareness is born through accepting the statement, "Together We Are Strong!"
Reaching each set goal and objective is a business project. The result of each project is profit. Profit does not only mean money, but also other positive results aimed at achieving the Common Goal.
If a team member needs a service or a product, the NF Team members are approached first. Maximum assistance is provided in the development of the business of colleagues and Organization members. When resolving any controversies within the Organization or with third parties, one should be first of all guided by the general goals of the Organization, but not by one’s own benefit.
Based on the actions, appearance, speech culture and professionalism level of each NF team member, opinion is shaped about the entire Organization.
Existence of a common goal related to improving the business and life of the entire team. Each Organization member makes every effort to achieve a common goal
Honesty and Law
Honesty. Strength of Promises
Project Management and Profit
Team assistance and development
Reaching the Common Goal
Mission: Development of a positive image of an entrepreneur through the perspective of social responsibility.